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        About Us


        LEE WAI brand has more than two decades in garmment quipments industry since 1990. In 2010, our current President Mr. Hubert Kwok has founded the Lee Wai Asia Ltd and landed on the East Asia market with LEE WAI manufactured products.

        Our president Mr. Hubert Kwok has graduated from Hong Kong LINGNAN University Marketing Department, and further his studies by graduating with Masters of Business Administration in University of Leicester, UK.

        In 1989, Mr. Kwok has been working under the famous Japanese Sewing machines Manufacturing Company, Juki (Hong Kong) Ltd. With this opportunity, he started working in the field of garment manufacturing and later appointed a managerial role of sales and promotion. After working under Juki for 18 years, he gained trading experiences within the mainland China and overseas. With his insights, he strives to provide production blueprints for different transnational garment companies. Overall, he has become a well-known intellect in the industry that specializes in providing professional programmers under one sales contract with technical guidance and total solution, more specifically, providing services over shirts, woven / knit apparel and sweater manufactory from cutting, sewing and pressing equipment and.

        Moreover, in order to globalize the current garment manufacturing productions in Hong Kong and Mainland China, Lee Wai Asia Ltd has established product service centers in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia & Myanmar. Also, providing new factory settlement services in East-Asia Countries.

        • 2013
          Set up Bangladesh Branches.
        • 2012
          Set up HUGOMAX APPAREL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD in Myanmar.
        • 2011
          Set up Cambodian Branches.
        • 2010
          Our president Mr. Hubert Kwok has founded the LEE WAI asia Ltd and landed on the East Aisa market with LEE WAI products.
        • 1990
          LEE WAI brand was created.


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